Update on Rescue Attempt for Body of Missionary Who Was Killed by Remote Island Tribe

November 26, 2018Nov 26, 2018

A crazy story is making headlines around the globe after an American citizen was murdered last week. It happened on a remote island off the coast of India.

According to reports, John Allen Chau, 27, illegally entered the island after hiring fishermen to take him across the sea. It was his second attempt to make contact with the indigenous tribe that inhabits the island. He was reportedly going to try and preach to them and convert them to Christianity.

Chau was attacked by the tribe almost immediately once he got off the boat. He was killed and his body has not been recovered.

“He was attacked by arrows but he continued walking,” one source explained. “The fishermen saw the tribals [sic] tying a rope around his neck and dragging his body… They were scared and fled but returned next morning to find his body on the seashore.”

Now, officials are facing a tough task as they work to recover John's body. So far, they have been unsuccessful in retrieving the deceased missionary. A recent retrieval effort proved unsuccessful after the group approached the island.

The tribe was said to be seen on the coast, guarding their land. Officials believe they may have even ben guarding the body of the young man they killed.

"When Indian police officers in a small boat pulled within sight of the remote island, they saw something strange. A group of islanders were huddled on the beach. Carrying bows, arrows and spears, they appeared to be guarding something. Police officials said it could have been the body of John Allen Chau," reported the NY Times.

Some officials say that a recovery of the young man's body will prove to be impossible The indigenous tribe has no way to formally communicate with officials and the risk of more fatalities is too high for a rescue party to enter the island.

The fishermen who took him to the island have been arrested for their role in aiding Chau. The island is off limits to visitors for precisely this reason.

"The Sentinelese people fiercely resist contact with outsiders. They prefer to live alone on the small forested landmass, which is part of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands archipelago in the Indian Ocean, more than 600 miles from India," reported Newsweek.

Officials have advocated that the Indian government use this tragedy as a lesson. They want better protection for the island tribe so events like this don't happen again.

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