Update on Mick Jagger After News Broke that Illness was Forcing Tour Cancellation

April 02, 2019Apr 02, 2019

Mick Jagger is a world-famous celebrity. The lead singer for the Rolling Stones has been an icon for years.

Sadly, Mick's health isn't what it once was. The famous musician recently gave fans some bad news. The upcoming Stones tour was going to be canceled due to an illness.

"The Rolling Stones frontman was seen hanging at his Miami Beach oceanfront home Sunday -- marking the first time he's been spotted since the band announced they were pulling the plug on their North American tour, which was set to get started in April," reported TMZ.

The band said Mick needs some medical treatment. They haven't elaborated further on what kind of illness Mick may actually be facing.

"Mick released a statement of his own, apologizing to his fans ... but promising to work as hard as possible to get back to 100% so he can the stage again. The fact that the singer was on his feet and rockin' a big old grin Sunday is at least proof that he isn't fully bedridden and feeble," reported TMZ.

Please join us in wishing Mick the best! We pray for his total and complete healing!

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