Upcoming Football Prodigy, Recently Featured in Sports Illustrated, Dies After Tragic Shooting

May 05, 2019May 05, 2019

An extremely tragic story is being reported today out of Illinois. A young football prodigy, Jaylon McKenzie, was sadly killed over the weekend.

According to reports, 14-year-old recently featured in Sports Illustrated as one of six teens 'who will rule the future in sports, died after he was shot at a party in Illinois on Saturday night, according to police.

He was an eighth-grade student at Central Junior High. Another girl was also critically injured in the incident. The suspects in the shooting have not been identified by police at this time.

His mother has since spoken out about losing her son. It is heartbreaking to read her words and know the pain she must be feeling at this time.

"It's so hard to fathom that someone took my baby from me because he dreamed so big," McKenzie’s mother, Sukeena Gunner, said. "I can just remember him coming into my room and telling my husband to call his name. 'We have a 5-6 running back, Jayyyyy-lonnnn MacKenzieeee.' And he would run into the room after his name was called."

Jaylon's dream was to play in the NFL. He was an extremely talented running back, receiver and defensive back. He was most recently featured as a member of the NFL's 8th Grade All-American team.

Please join us in praying for all of Jaylon's family and friends. We also pray for the officers who are working on this heartbreaking case.

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