University President Says THIS To Students Who Don't Want To School To Commemorate Victims Of 9/11

November 28, 2015Nov 28, 2015

The University of Minnesota gained our attention recently when its student association voted 36 to 23 to turn down a plan to commemorate 9/11 every year with a moment of silence to honor those who died that fateful day. One of the leaders of the group even went as far as to say that remembering 9/11 might make the campus unsafe for some students by spurring "Islamaphobia and racism."

But, according to Campus Reform, university leaders have announced that despite the student association's vote, they are moving forward with the ceremony. Sadly, the university leader's decision sparked a large social media backlash of people claiming that racism would now increase.

Despite that, University of Minnesota president Eric Kaler is sticking with the decision made by the board of regents and himself.

He assures students that “Honoring those who died in 9/11 and respecting our Muslim community on campus are not mutually exclusive.”

It's sad that there are so many young people who don't want us to remember what happened that day 14 years ago.