University Outlaws Chalk For The Most ABSURD Reason, Must Protect The Students

April 17, 2016Apr 17, 2016

America’s college students are the most fragile demographic in the country today.  Any thing that they disagree with or do not approve of is seen as an “attack” on them.  They demand safety from words, responsibility, and the real world.

At DePaul university, the students are exceptionally sensitive.  They are threatened by a piece of chalk and a mere name.  According to Hannity, students at the university complained and whined because “Trump” was written in chalk on the sidewalk.  Other offensive statements chalked into their memory were “Trump Train 2016,” “Make America Great Again,” and the ultra-offensive “Blue Lives Matter.”

How dare those students be made to acknowledge the lives and sacrifices of American police officers.  The previous statement is made with the utmost sarcasm.  Clearly, today’s youth are a special and delicate breed.

In order to protect the delicate youth, DePaul school officials banned the use of chalk on their sidewalks because making America great is too “offensive” of a suggestion.

When will the madness stop?