University in Hot Water After Mistakenly Sending Out Hundreds of Acceptance Letters to Students

January 23, 2019Jan 23, 2019

Going to college is a major milestone for thousands of high school students. Many kids have worked for years to be able to get into the college of their dreams.

However, one school is now in hot water after it mistakenly notified hundreds of students that they had been accepted when they really were not admitted. It is a story that is making headlines across the nation today.

"A Florida university accidentally sent out more than 400 acceptance letters for applications still under review. The University of South Florida St. Petersburg sent out some 430 acceptance letters on Saturday to potential students that were quickly revoked, the Tampa Bay Times reported. The applicants said their excitement died quickly after they received a follow-up email that day that stated: 'There was an error in the system. Please disregard the previous email,'" wrote Fox News.

One student spoke out about the letter he received and how it impacted him. Izaiah Harris is a 17-year-old student who was planning on going to college at the University. He says the entire mistake has been really hard on him.

"Izaiah Harris, 17, a student at Pinellas Park High School, told the Tampa Bay Times he contacted the college after receiving the emails and was told there was an error in the system. 'I'm really confused and time is running out,' Harris said. 'This is throwing my plan off because there are decisions I need to make,'" reported Fox.

"OOPS! Celebrations were short-lived for hundreds of soon-to-be high school graduates who received acceptance letters from the University of South Florida, only to find out later that day, that it was all a mistake," reported WSVN Channel 7 News.

The school is actively working to contact each and every student who mistakenly received an acceptance letter. They are trying to discuss other ways to notify kids in the future so that mistakes like this do not happen again, according to school officials.

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