Universities Don't Want Students Carrying Guns, But They May Agree To THIS

January 21, 2016Jan 21, 2016

Despite support from many George lawmakers, efforts to allow college students to carry conceal firearms on campuses have not made it far through the statehouse because of opposition.

But according Campus Reform, State Representative Buzz Brockway has a compromise that could help pacify university presidents who don't like the idea of armed students.

Rep. Brockway doesn't think pepper spray and campus police are enough to stop mass shootings. He wants to add Tasers and other stunguns to the list.

Brockway explains, "Pepper spray is allowed and we don’t see much misuse of those products on college campuses. I think the people who will choose to purchase electroshock weapons for their personal protection will act responsibly.”

Some lawmakers still disagree with this compromise, saying the risk of students accidentally injuring themselves with Tasers is great a risk.

Do you think stunguns are a good compromise? What would you suggest for campus protection?