United Flight from LA to Australia Declares 'Fuel Mayday' Over Pacific Ocean, 194 People on Board

October 04, 2018Oct 04, 2018

A scary situation recently took place in the sky over the Pacific Ocean. According to reports, a United plane declared an emergency after they became aware they were running out of fuel.

The incident happened on a flight from Los Angeles to Sydney, Australia. We are thankful to report that the plane has now landed safely on the ground.

"Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority spokesman Peter Gibson said the airliner was given priority to land but had not been in danger. 'There's an international standard that requires that once you get down to your fuel reserve in a flight that you have to declare what is called a 'fuel mayday,' Gibson said," according to Fox News.

The incident was surely a major scare to those on board the flight. Apparently, strong headwinds caused the flight to use more fuel than normal in order to fly the distance.

"The U.S. airline said in a statement Flight 839 landed safely at Sydney International Airport 'following a mechanical issue,'" reported Fox.

International flights are extremely common. It is rare that a plane crashes and also rare for a plane to make an emergency distress call. Please join us in praying for all travelers and for pilots everywhere. May God be with them and grant them safe passage!

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