United Airlines Takes New Step To Appease Outrage, Pacify Witnesses

April 12, 2017Apr 12, 2017

United Airlines announced a new step Wednesday afternoon to appease international outrage and pacify witnesses to a man forced to leave an airplane to make room for an extra crew member and dragged bleeding down the aisle after he resisted security officers.

According to The Hill, the airline indicated that it will give passengers on Sunday evening’s Flight 3411 a full refund for their tickets.

Many passengers expressed horror at the airline for forcing four people to give up their seats for the extra crew members after the plane had already filled up. Because Dr David Dao’s refused to get off the plane and ran back onto it after he was dragged off, all the passengers had to leave the plane until Dao could be removed on a stretcher.

The flight from Chicago to Louisville ended up being 3 hours late.

Also on Wednesday afternoon, the Chicago Department of Aviation, whose officers forcefully removed Dao from the plane after he repeatedly resisted their orders and said he was ready for jail, said all three officers involved are now on leave while the department conducts an investigation, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Earlier in the week, the department had placed just one of the officers on leave and said they couldn’t condone his actions because he operated outside “standard operating procedure.

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