United Airlines Quick to Apologize After Another Video Recorded Incident Goes Viral

July 05, 2017Jul 05, 2017

Talking to the other agent, the woman said, “I need you to, A, call the cops because this will be confiscated, or, B, cancel the reservation.”

“Go for it! Go for it!” Oza exclaims. “Call the cops. That’s fine.”

“I am,” the agent replies before pulling out her own phone and recording Oza without his permission.

Oza indicated that he was willing to pay for his oversized bag, but he refused to work with the agent until he could speak to her manager.

“So you want to play that game,” she replied as she continued to record him while trying to get ahold of someone on her desk phone.

When airport police arrived, they assured Oza he was allowed to record because the terminal is a public space, but his ticket was reportedly still canceled by United.

“Until that [clip] is erased, you’re not traveling,” the agent told him.

Oza ended up paying for a ticket with a different airline in order to get home.

After his video went viral, United released a statement saying, “The video does not reflect the positive customer experience we strive to offer, and for that we apologize. We are reviewing this situation, including talking with Mr. Oza and our employees to better understand what happened.“

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Watch a longer version of Oza’s video recording below: