United Airlines Quick to Apologize After Another Video Recorded Incident Goes Viral

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May 11, 2017May 11, 2017

United Airlines, like all major carriers these days, is repeatedly finding itself in sticky customer service situations as tensions rise between passengers and airline employees.

And with the near-ubiquity of passengers armed with cellphone cameras, the moment voices began to rise on an airplane or in an airport terminal, citizen journalists spring into action.

A case in point is an incident that occurred last weekend between an United Airlines agent and a traveler.

According to NBC Bay Area, 37-year-old Navang Oza was in New Orleans preparing to travel back to San Francisco when a United Airlines agent at the check-in counter allegedly wanted to charge him $300 for an oversized bag that had cost him only $125 on the previous United flight.

After not getting a satisfactory response and feeling the agent was being rude to him, Oza pulled out his cellphone and began to record his interaction.

In the video, the agent can be seen angrily pointed right into the camera, saying, “I want it deleted!”

“Why do you want this deleted?” Oza asks.

“Because you do not have my permission to videotape,” the agent replied, before directing another agent to cancel Oza’s reservation.

“Do you know why I’m videotaping you?” Oza says. “Because you guys have terrible customer service.”


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