UCLA Player Reveals Truth About Thanking President Trump in Apology Speech

December 14, 2017Dec 14, 2017

In early November, three college basketball players from UCLA were detained in China after being accused of shoplifting. Freshman players LiAngelo Ball, Cody Riley, and Jalen Hill stole from a Louis Vuitton store and were forced to be held in the country.

However, after President Donald Trump’s intervention, the three men were returned home to be with friends and family on November 14th. Once they were home safely, the UCLA players publicly admitted to their actions, apologized, and thanked Trump for his involvement in their return.

As a result, the three players were indefinitely suspended.

LiAngelo’s father LaVar Ball, a well-known media personality and also father to Lonzo Ball from the Los Angeles Lakers, has been a centerpiece of the media regarding this incident. Previously, LaVar refused to thank President Trump for his role in bringing his son back to the United States.

LaVar and two of his sons, LiAngelo and LaMelo, appeared in a recent radio interview with “The Breakfast Club.” During the interview, LiAngelo revealed the truth about him thanking President Trump in his apology speech.

LiAngelo said, “They wanted to hear [me thanking the President], and [Trump] tweeted about it before my speech so I had to add him in there right before I gave it...My school wanted to hear it, too. Before I went up there, it was like, ‘You gotta thank him.’ I just threw him in there real quick before I gave my speech.”

He continued, “If they didn’t want me to do it...If they didn’t tell me to do it, it wouldn’t have been in there, to be honest.”

This comes shortly after Lavar announced that he was pulling his son LiAngelo from UCLA and would explore other options for his son’s education and potential sports career.

Watch the full interview below:

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