UC Berkeley Brings Segregation Back To Schools, Sets Up ‘Safe Space’ For Black Students

August 08, 2016Aug 08, 2016

Our country has become so backwards recently that college students are actually fighting to segregate races on campus. Even more mind-boggling is that universities are caving to the racist demands.


At UC Berkeley in ultra-liberal California, the Black Student Union and the Afrikan Black Coalition demanded that the university give Black students a specific segregated space of their own. According to EAGnews, the groups felt the best way for Black students to feel included at the university is by segregating themselves from other races.

The university chancellor caved to the racist demands after 15 months and set up a “safe space” for Black students. The “Fannie Lou Hamer Center” will consist of 5 rooms in the Hearst Field Annex while the university sets about to find a permanent place to exclude other races from.

The Afrikan Black Coalition issued a press release hailing the new segregated space as a victory for black students. “We hope that the center will help sustain the Black community and produce brilliant leaders such as that of it’s namesake, Mrs. Fannie Lou Hamer; the kind of leaders who are determined, fearless, and resolute in the struggle for Black liberation.”

A former Black Student Union chairman, Cori McGowens, says why he feels segregation is necessary. “Black people, no matter our location, need a space of our own in order to heal, create, build and decompress,” McGowens said in a statement. “This campus has a wide array of Black leaders who will be able to utilize this space to continue to do the work of our people.”

There is no word yet if the university plans to establish segregated spaces for Asian, Hispanic, Native American, European, Middle Eastern or White students.