U.S. Takes Drastic Action Against North Korea By Doing What They Never Saw Coming

May 03, 2017May 03, 2017

For the second time in 10 days, the United States has flown B-1 bombers across the Korean peninsula. The bombers mark an incredible show of force from America, adding to the many other military forces we have also moved into the region.

The North Koreans were outraged at the presence of the bombers and responded with shocking words.

"Due to the U.S. military provocations which are becoming more explicit day by day, the situation in the Korean peninsula, which is already sensitive, is being driven close to the point of nuclear war," read a statement from North Korea.

Watch the video below for more information about the rising tensions in the region.

What do you think about this? Do you think it is a good idea for the U.S. to show military strength in the Korean peninsula?

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