U.S. Special Forces Get A Devastating Shock After Obama Delays Hostage Rescue

September 08, 2016Sep 08, 2016

In a heartbreaking turn of events, U.S. Special Operations Forces mounted what would ultimately be an unsuccessful mission to save two hostages from the same terror network that once held Bowe Bergdahl.  The mission resulted in 0 casualties of American forces, 7 Afghan fighters dead, while recovering 0 hostages.

Recently, the U.S. Military was closing in on the possible location for an American professor and his Australian colleague who have been held hostage since August 7th. According to Fox News, when the military tried to receive approval from President Obama to go ahead with their rescue mission, bureaucratic delays forced the rescue mission (already in the air) to return to base and wait for word from the White House. 

The next day, Obama finally gave the go ahead and the U.S. Special Forces arrived at the location, engaging in a serious gunfight with enemy fighters.  When the dust settled, there was no sign of the prisoners. Reports suggest they could have been moved overnight and the delay in response time by Obama likely cost the mission's success.

Once again, while our President is busy defending the actions of Colin Kaepernick and blaming U.S. race tensions on "stress,” the lives of Americans are put in jeopardy. 

Officials are back to square one as they try and gather details on the possible whereabouts of the professors.