U.S. Sends North Korea Explosive Message — Literally

August 31, 2017Aug 31, 2017

The time for talking is over.

That’s the clear message President Trump sent Thursday after saying on Wednesday that “talking is not the answer.”

Trump made the statement on Twitter before sending an explosive payload right to North Korea’s doorstep.


According to USA Today, two U.S. bombers and four U.S. fighter jets were joined by two Japanese warplanes and four South Korean jets as they flew over a region not far from the North Korean border. Then they started dropping bombs.

While the bombing run hit an unoccupied area of South Korean soil, it was a mock drill that imitated the type of surgical strike needed to take out Kim Jong-un and his military. The message was clear: The U.S. and its allies are prepared to take out the leadership of the totalitarian regime at a moment’s notice.

The live ordnance drill was conducted in response to North Korea’s latest ballistic missile test, which flew over northern Japan on Monday. That missile triggered Japan’s warning system, sending civilians running for cover before it splashed down into the ocean. It was North Korea’s first launch over Japanese land.

According to CNN, the drill was a "direct response to North Korea's intermediate range ballistic missile launch." After firing their missile on Tuesday, North Korea said it was “a meaningful prelude to containing Guam,” a U.S. territory 1,600 miles south of Japan that is home to two military bases.

They added, "It should not be forgotten even a moment that the whole of South Korea can turn into ruins.”

That seems to be the message the U.S. sent North Korea on Thursday. In other news, here’s how President Trump supporters reacted to a different CNN reporter when Trump and Melania landed in Texas on Tuesday.

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