U.S. President Boards Commercial Flight and Does Something Awesome to Every Passenger Onboard

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June 12, 2017Jun 12, 2017

Airplane passenger, James Parker Sheffield, captured his experience on a recent flight that is getting a lot of attention. Sheffield recently posted a video to his Twitter account that showed his fellow passenger, former President Jimmy Carter, shaking hands and greeting each passenger on the plane. 


President Carter was on a flight from Atlanta to Washingon D.C. when this took place. Sheffield and the other passengers were pleasantly surprised and thrilled by the former President's sincere greetings. 

In a recent statement to PEOPLE, Sheffield said it was “nice to have a warm and humble moment connected to politics, given the current climate.”

“It was very apparent that he enjoys interacting with people and was authentically happy to greet us,” Sheffield said. “You never expect to have a president on your commercial flight, so that in and of itself was surprising. For me personally, it meant a lot because I was headed to D.C. for Trans Lobby Day. To kickoff going to speak to my elected officials with a handshake from President Carter felt extremely patriotic.”

Watch the video below to see President Carter shaking hands with each passenger as he makes his way down the aisle. He truly is a class act. 

During a time when so many airlines have been in a negative light, this is a very welcomed turn of events. What did you think about President Carter's interaction with fellow passengers?