U.S. Pastors Are Poised To Take Back The Country In A Big Way

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December 12, 2015Dec 12, 2015

In the America that Obama has shaped in his own image, a grassroots movement is taking shape to make a stand against the liberal and anti-Christian wave that is sweeping through America.

According to Yahoo news, a group of 100,000 pastors has come together to try and bring morality and common sense back to the country.  The American Renewal Project is led by Republican and evangelical advocate, David Lane. 

Lane’s goal is to recruit at least 1,000 pastors across the country to run for public office in their communities in 2016.  So far, 500 pastors have committed to run.

“This is a fundamental shift in strategy,” John Fea, a professor at Christian Messiah College said, “Rather than forcing this from the top down, this is about a grassroots approach to changing the culture by embedding ministers in local politics from the ground up.”

The group of pastors have already been influential.  Just last month, several of the pastors united and rallied congregations to sign petitions in opposition of the “transgender bathroom bill” in Houston that would have put girls at risk by allowing men to use their bathroom if they so desired.  The bill was voted down by a large margin of people.

It appears that Christians in this country have woken up and realized that they can no longer sit on the sidelines and watch politicians and people fundamentally change this country from the moral foundation she was founded upon.

If every person of faith were to show up at the polls on election day, the liberal agenda would come to a screeching halt