U.S. Navy Fires Shots After Armed Boat From This Country Speeds Toward It

July 25, 2017Jul 25, 2017

The United States Navy has fired warning shot after an armed boat sped towards them. The incident happened in the Arabian Gulf, reportedly.

The Navy ship was among others in the area and was said to be operating in international waters. It was during some of their operations that an Iranian patrol boat came within 150 yards of their ship.



According to CNN, “The Iranian boat is believed to have been operated by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, according to a defense official familiar with details of the incident. The officials said the Iranian boat approached and came within 150 yards of the US ship.”

The Navy is reporting that they tried to contact the boat and tell them to retreat but they Iranian vessel would not. At that point, the U.S. Navy says it fired warning shots into the water around the boat and the Iranian ship finally stopped.

“The Iranians did not respond to any warnings from the US ship, including radio calls, firing of flares and five short blasts from the US Navy ship's whistle, which is the internationally recognized communications signal for danger,” officials said.


It was reported that even after the warning shots, the Iranian boat stayed in the area. While this isn’t the first time the Iranian’s have tested America, it is one of the rarer times that the U.S. has actually had to fire warning shots.

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