U.S. Military Ready to 'Fight Tonight' Amidst Looming North Korea Threats

August 11, 2017Aug 11, 2017

On Tuesday, tensions dramatically increased between North Korea and the United States. The escalation occurred after U.S. intelligence analysts said that North Korea has produced a miniature nuclear warhead.

Throughout the week, back and forth dialogue about the threats has occurred and both President Trump and North Korean Kim Jong Un have warned the other about what is to come.

President Trump released a statement, saying that he would bring “fire and fury” to North Korea. Those words were met with a shrug of the shoulders by North Korea when their state media said that Trump lacked any sort of sound dialogue. Thursday, President Trump responded to the criticism, admitting that his words were not strong enough.

Beyond just exchanging words, Kim Jong Un has been working on an action plan. North Korea is legitimizing plans to fire four missiles on the U.S. territory off of the seas of Guam. The plan includes four Hwasong-12 intermediate-range ballistic missiles. They said that these missiles would be a “crucial warning to the U.S.”

Now, Pentagon officials are ready to “fight tonight.” The officials told Fox News that the vow to “fight tonight” is a long-held motto for U.S. forces. On Friday morning, President Trump tweeted about the situation, saying that the military is “locked and loaded.”



At his press conference on Thursday, President Trump said that if Kim Jong Un does something in Guam, “it will be an event the likes of which nobody has seen before- what will happen in North Korea.” He then said, “It’s not a dare, it’s a statement.”

Please be praying for our country in this confusing time and for the military men and women that have sacrificed their freedom to pave a way for ours. To find out more about what President Trump said about his action plan for North Korea, read our recent story here.

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