U.S. Military Just Dropped ‘Mother Of All Bombs’ On Foreign Country

April 13, 2017Apr 13, 2017

We are getting reports from CNN that the U.S. military has dropped the largest non-nuclear bomb in our arsenal on a ISIS target in Afghanistan.

Known in the military as the “mother of all bombs,” the 21,600-pound A GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast Bomb (MOAB) was dropped Thursday to demolish a complex of ISIS tunnels and caves in the Nangarhar province.

The bomb was dropped from a U.S. Air Force MC-130 cargo aircraft.

A damage assessment has not yet been released, but a bomb of that magnitude is expected to destroy everything within a mile radius of its impact point.

Many people are already seeing this as a strong message by the Trump administration that he is serious about destroying ISIS.

A U.S. Army Green Beret was killed in that area just days ago, according to Fox News. According to ArmyTimes, that soldier has been identified as 37-year-old Staff Sgt. Mark De Alencar, a native of Edgewood, Maryland.

Gen. John Nicholson, who commands America's forces in Afghanistan, explained, "As [ISIS'] losses have mounted, they are using IEDs, bunkers and tunnels to thicken their defense. This is the right munition to reduce these obstacles and maintain the momentum of our offensive against [ISIS]."

According to a CNN tweet, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said during his daily press briefing that in order for the U.S. to defeat ISIS, “we must deny them operational space, which we did.”

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The video below shows the bomb being tested several years ago: