U.S. Launches Drone Strike And Destroys Known Terrorists

June 12, 2017Jun 12, 2017

On June 11, the United States launched an unmanned drone strike against known terrorists. The terrorists were p[art of the cell network Al-Shabaab, an Al-Qaeda-linked group.

So far, the mission appears to be a successful one. The Pentagon is estimating that at least 8 militants were destroyed by the drone strike.


The strike took place on the eastern coast of Africa in Somalia. It was just southwest of Mogadishu, the site of “Black Hawk Down”.


Also, one of the main training sites for the terror group was reportedly destroyed. It is one of the first airstrikes to take place under President Trump’s new authority.

It comes just a day after 3 American soldiers were killed in Afghanistan. In that incident. New information is reporting that a “friendly” Afghan soldier turned his gun on the U.S. forces and opened fire.


We continue to pray for our men and women in uniform. We are also praying for the fourth soldier who was injured in the insider attack.

Please share this story and post a quick prayer for all of our men and women in uniform who are so bravely serving our country. Do you think this drone strike was an appropriate response?