U.S. Government Pays How Much For THIS Gas Station In Afghanistan?

November 03, 2015Nov 03, 2015

The world's most expensive gas station was funded by the American people.  Unfortunately, the American people don't get to use it and will see no benefits from it.  The American funded station is not even in the United States.

According to Fox news, the Department of Defense spent enormous amounts of taxpayer money to build a gas station in Shebergan, Afghanistan. 


The U.S. Geological Survey found rich natural gas reserves in the region in 2006 and set out to build a compressed natural gas station to help the war torn country gain energy independence.  A similar gas station was constructed in Pakistan for $500,000.  With that comparable station and price range in mind, the Task Force for Stability and Business Operations (TFSBO) contracted with Central Asian Engineering for $3 Million dollars to build the gas station.

The final price tag would be far greater than anyone could have expected.  According to a recent report, the TFSBO spent $43 million dollars to fund the construction of the station and supervise its initial operation.

John Sopko, Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) has led an investigation into the wasteful spending.  Sopko called the spending “outrageous to the taxpayer”

The Department of Defense has not been forthcoming with answers to Sopko’s inquiry.  “I have never in my lifetime seen the Department of Defense or any government agency clam up and claim they don’t know anything about a program,” Sopko said.

Despite the lack of answers, Sopko intends to dig deeper with his ongoing investigation.