U.N. Wants America To Pay Reparations For Slavery; Pastor Jeffress Has THIS To Say

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October 04, 2016Oct 04, 2016

A United Nations panel last week argued that America must pay reparations for slavery, which it referred to as "racial terrorism," according to the Washington Post. It also included police-involved killings, which it likened to lynchings, in those reparations.

Fox Business host Stuart Varney asked outspoken Dallas' First Baptist Church Pastor Robert Jeffress his opinion on that and on the U.N. in general. See his explosive reaction below:

Varney: "What do you think of the United Nations? And restrain yourself, OK?"

Jeffress (chuckling): "While the United Nations is at it, Stuart, I would like some reparations from the British people for what King George did to my forefathers. Let's just go ahead and start paying out to everybody. Look, let's be serious. There is a history of racial injustice in our country. My own Southern Baptist Convention, my own denomination, has issued an apology for its role in segregation and slavery in the past. But how do you calculate the financial penalty for injustices that my great-grandfather committed against somebody else's great-grandfather. This term 'reparations' is just a nice-sounding word for 'shakedown.'"

Varney: "Would you get rid of the United Nations?"

Jeffress (laughing): "In a heartbeat!"

Do you think he makes a good point?