Pro Athlete Fights Back Tears in Touching Video After Buying His Mom a House, Credits God

December 28, 2017Dec 28, 2017

Do you remember a promise you made 25 years ago? Pro athlete Tyron Woodley does—and he fulfilled it.

The MMA Welterweight Champion shared a touching video on social media recently, telling the story of how he promised his mother, Deborah, he would buy her a house once he became a professional athlete.

He made the promise to her when he was only 10 years old.

In the video, he began, “Since I was a 10-year-old kid, I always told my mom that I would buy her a house.” He continued, “I said, ‘Mom, I’m gonna be a pro athlete, and I’m gonna buy you a house!’”

The now 35-year-old, who has also starred in a few fighting movies, finally bought his mother a house this Christmas. He called this holiday “very special” for that reason.

Before crediting God, he started to fight back tears.

“Today is that day...God is good, people. He’s faithful to us, stay faithful to Him,” Woodley stated, assuring God’s goodness and faithfulness.  

Watch the touching video below:

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