This Type of Coffee Just Recalled for Containing Potentially Deadly Poison

September 22, 2017Sep 22, 2017

This week, a coffee company issued a complete recall of all of their cold brew. The New York-based coffee producer is known for producing the "World's Strongest Coffee."

Death Wish Coffee Co. ("Death Wish"), is admitting that their name may be a little bit too accurate. Their 11-ounce cans of nitro cold brew are sold at Walmart, Amazon, and in several other retailers. Now, they have issued a total recall of the cold brew and are pausing all future production due to the risk of a toxin that causes Botulism. 

According to the FDA, the coffee producer works with an outside company for testing. They determined that the current process of production could lead to the growth and production of botulin.

Botulism is a potentially fatal type of food poisoning. General symptoms include weakness, dizziness, trouble speaking, difficulty in breathing and swallowing, abdominal distention, and more. Studies have shown that even small amounts of botulin can cause paralysis and potentially death through respiratory failure.

Death Wish released a statement about the recall. 

They said, "After several rounds of successful testing, a process specialist has recommended that we add an additional step to our nitro cold brew production process. Based on these recommendations we've decided to recall all Death Wish Nitro cans. If you have them, please dispose of them."

On their website, the company admitted that they are not perfect and are working toward safer production. They said that they are "excited to revisit it with guidance from some of the most meticulous scientists in the world."

Founder and owner Mike Brown said, "Our customers’ safety is of paramount importance and Death Wish Coffee is taking this significant, proactive step to ensure that the highest quality, safest, and of course, strongest coffee products we produce are of industry-exceeding standards...We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause our customers and our retail partners, but we believe this is the right precautionary measure to take."

The company advised that all unopened cans be discarded. They will issue full refunds for anyone who purchased the cold brew from a retailer or online. 

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