Tx. Superintendent Makes SWEEPING Changes To School Bathroom Policy, Sparks OUTCRY!

May 10, 2016May 10, 2016

There's a battle raging in Texas over school bathrooms and locker rooms, and it's blowing up in the highest levels of government.


According to The Dallas Morning News, Forth Worth Independent School District superintendent Kent Scribner has unilaterally enacted district-wide rules that will allow "transgender" male students to use the girls restrooms and locker rooms in all it schools.

The new policy includes:
— Allowing transgender students to use the restrooms and locker rooms of their choice, which would also allow female students to use male facilities. According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, though, transgender students can only use the opposite sex's facility when no one else is present. If other students are present, then a single-occupancy restroom must be provided.
— Requiring that teachers and counselors assist students in keeping their visible transgenderism at school a secret from their parents at home.
— Requiring that, under penalty of being fired, teachers and counselors help ensure that transgender students are given "equal access" to all facilities and are not mocked or discriminated against by students and other staff members.
— Requiring that teachers address transgender students by their preferred pronouns.
— Allowing students to participate in gender-specific sport that matches their "gender identity." In other words, allowing males to play on the girls basketball team and allowing females to play on the boys football team.

These sweeping changes have prompted Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick to call for Superintendent Scribner's resignation.

Patrick said, “Without any discussion with parents, board members, principals, and other community leaders, Dr. Scribner’s unilateral action underscores this lack of fitness to hold his position as superintendent. I call upon the parents within the Fort Worth ISD to take immediate steps to repeal this stealthy scheme and remove Dr. Scribner from his post.”

Scribner defended his decision, saying, “I’m proud of these guidelines. I think they provide educators with the ability to make all students more comfortable and confident in a learning environment.”