Two States Racing to Add ‘Third Gender’ To Drivers’ Licenses

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May 09, 2017May 09, 2017

Sometimes it seems that Oregon is in a race with its neighbor to see who can barrel down the downward slope of progressivism the quickest.

The Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles is holding a public hearing Wednesday to talk about their plan to add a third “non-binary gender” option to their drivers’ licenses, according to KATU.

The DMV claims it’s received very little negative feedback from the change, which is seen by the LGBT community as a state’s way of affirming their lifestyle.

Oregon drivers’ license currently identify people’s genders by an “M” or an “F” based on what they indicate on their license applications, but selecting the proposed “non-binary” option would get them an “X” instead.

The DMV is hoping the change will be made as early as next month.

Meanwhile to the south in California, according to SFist, a similar proposal under the name Senate Bill 179 is making its way through the legislature, although it does require drivers seeking “non-binary gender” status to have undergone some gender transition surgery.

The bill, if passed, would also allow parents of “transgender” kids to change their child’s birth certificate to the opposite gender.

Jo Michael, legislative manager for Equality California, praised the proposal, saying, "For the first time, Californians could have accurate gender markers that truly reflect who we are."

SB179 is set for another hearing on Monday, according to the official state website.

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