Two Reported Dead After Vehicle Rams into Restaurant

May 21, 2018May 21, 2018

Reports are claiming that a man, Roger Self, intentionally rammed his vehicle into a North Carolina restaurant filled with a lunchtime crowd on Sunday. The incident killed his daughter and another person while injuring several others.

Police have issued a statement following the incident, indicating that the man did indeed drive his car into the Surf and Tuff Lodge at noon on Sunday. The statement also indicates that the incident was on purpose. 

Footage from the scene shows emergency crews treating people on the ground outside of the restaurant. Meanwhile, many patrons were in absolute shock. The man's daughter, who was killed by the incident, was 26-year-old Katelyn Tayler Self. She was also a Gaston County Sheriff's Office deputy. Authorities haven't yet released the name of the second person who was killed during the incident. Moreover, photo evidence shows a shattered opening in a restaurant wall where the car smashed inside of the building. 

"He drove his car into the building, killing people, so that's why we took him into custody immediately," Bessemer City Police Chief Thomas Ellis Jr. said, according to WWLP 22 News.

Reports claim that the suspect had initially entered the restaurant with his family and had them seated. Then, suddenly, he went back to his vehicle and drove into the area where they were sitting. One local newspaper claims that it was a sports utility vehicle that was used, causing a massive impact. 

It has been called a tragic loss of life. 

On top of being a deputy, Katelyn Self was also a four-year veteran of the Gaston County Sheriff's Office. She worked as a corporal in the jail and was off-duty when she was killed. 

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