Two People Killed as ‘Extremely Dangerous’ Wildfire Doubles Overnight in Size

July 27, 2018Jul 27, 2018

Between Thursday and Friday, the Carr Fire doubled in size, forcing the evacuation of towns as large as Redding, California, home to 91,000 residents, forced to flee through darkened, powerless streets.

From what authorities are describing as a vehicle’s “mechanical failure,” the fire has now claimed the lives of two firefighters, 65 structures, damaged 55, and threatened thousands more, according to The Washington Post

“This fire is extremely dangerous and moving with no regard to what’s in its path,” said California Fire Chief Brett Gouvea.

Fueled by strong winds, low humidity and scorching temperatures, the fire, which started Monday afternoon, has now consumed 20,000 acres, according to fire officials. Within 24 hours, it had spread across an area the size of the District of Columbia, reported The Washington Post.

“Firefighters continue to work aggressively to build containment lines around the Carr Fire,” said the Cal Fire Agency. “Their efforts have been hampered overnight due to extreme fire behavior and challenging wind conditions.”

The weather isn’t going to get any easier for the fire crews battling it over the weekend. On Saturday and Sunday, temperatures could spike as high as 110 degrees.

Over 1,700 personnel, including dozens of fire crews, 100 fire engines and several bulldozers, helicopters and vehicles to deliver water are employed in the fight. Two of the firefighters so far have perished at its hand.

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