Two Girls Don't Want To Be Homecoming Queen; Both Want The Other Title

September 30, 2016Sep 30, 2016

Texas City High School female students Jade Huff and Ayanna Amos are not competing against each other to be Homecoming Queen. They both want the other title.

According to KHOU 11, the two girls have rallied support and gotten themselves nominated by the student body to both be Homecoming Kings. Neither girls identify as transgender but are doing it to show support for LGBT students.

The school administration's response? Phooey!

Texas Independent School District spokesman Melissa Tortorici said, "Homecoming King is gender specific. Homecoming Queen is for females and Homecoming King is for males."

The school did inform the girls that if they identified as transgender they could be Kings. The girls declined to put their money with their mouth was and agreed to run for Homecoming Queens instead. In an act of defiance, though, if either of them wins, they plan to accept the crown dressed as a King.

What do you think of the Texas high school's response?

Meanwhile in Maryland, a high school has eliminated the King and Queen titles because they feel it's not their place to say which gender should accept which crown. Read more about that here.