Twitter Reacts to the Controversial Dresses at the Catholic Themed Met Gala

May 08, 2018May 08, 2018

Every year the big names of Hollywood attend the Met Gala. It's essentially a couture costume party. However, this year they chose a very offensive theme: “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination” theme.

The gala showcased an exhibition of items from the Vatican and other Catholic-inspired artistic items. To match the exhibit, the stars were asked to wear clothing that was inspired by the Catholic Church.

Some stars took the theme directly into the land of offensiveness, particularly Katy Perry and Rihanna. Twitter was in an uproar over how disrespectful their outfits and theme was.

One user, in particular, pointed out how ironic the theme was given how people respond to so-called cultural appropriation.

Rihanna, who served as co-chair of the annual event with Donatella Versace, showed up in what was quite obviously supposed to be a pope dress. Katy Perry, on the other hand, wore a mini dress and angel wings.

Sarah Jessica Parker was also very offensive. She wore a dress adorned with Sacred Hearts. Along the same lines, actor Jared Leto appeared to be mocking Christ. He wore a blue Gucci suit and golden headpiece which emulated Jesus' crown of thorns.

However, the Met tried to defend their theme. The exhibit's curator, Andrew Bolton, said the dress code was "an implicit plea to dress somewhat more modestly."

Some stars seemed to understand this intention. Particularly "Black Panther" star, Letitia Wright, who has opened up about her Christian faith. She shared the background by her modest gown on Instagram. 

She wrote, "My first MET GALA look was a Custom made dress by @coach & @adesamuel. We collaborated on this Ethiopian inspired Christian dress with hand embroidered crosses and symbols." 

Likewise, Naomi Watts looked beautiful in a modest gown that played on Catholic symbols. 

In a similar way, Meghan Markle's friend Priyanka Chopra and "The Greatest Showman" star Zendaya interpreted the theme without being too literal or disrespectful. 

The Met Gala, hosted annually by Anna Wintour and celebrity co-chairs, is a fundraising effort with all proceeds going to the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute. Tickets to the event can cost $30,000 each, with a table running a whopping $275,000, according to Fox.

What do you think of the clothes and the theme? Let us know in the comments. In other news, there was a scary earthquake in Southern California on Tuesday morning. 

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