Twin sisters surprise stepmom by asking her to officially adopt them in emotional video

A New Jersey mom got the best Mother’s Day gift ever when her identical twin stepdaughters asked her to adopt them via a viral TikTok video.

In a TikTok now viral, Gabriella Ruvolo shared their moment of proposing to their mom Becky Ruvolo (37).

The sisters, 20, used a photo book to convey the special message and were on either side of Becky when she pored through the album’s contents on Mother’s Day.


“You are family, you are home, you are the true definition of what a mother is … With that being said, we have one thing to ask you,” Becky reads in part. “Mom, will you adopt us?”

Becky tearfully responded with “Really?” and collapsed onto the table, sobbing into her hands.

Sitting back up, she said, “Of course, I will!” The trio then joined in an embrace, each wiping tears from their eyes.

Becky Ruvolo reading the contents of a photobook

On May 9, Gabriella posted the emotional video on TikTok and set it to Coldplay’s hit single, “Yellow.” It quickly went viral on the platform, racking up over 5 million views as of writing.

Becky said she didn’t see the moment coming.

“I was so caught off guard,” she told “Good Morning America.” “When I read that, it was just pure shock and an honor and the emotions of just like, ‘Is this really happening?’”

Gabriella and Julianna Ruvolo said they’ve always wanted to ask their stepmom to adopt them and thought this was a perfect time.

“We figured like, what’s the best time to ask the biggest question we will probably ever ask? And why not make it on Mother’s Day? Ask our mom to officially be our mother on the day dedicated to her,” Julianna told “GMA.”

Becky first started dating the girls’ father, Pete Ruvolo, in 2010. His children were born a few months later.

Becky Ruvolo hugging her daughters Gabriella Ruvolo and Juliana Ruvolo

“When I met the girls, I was very nervous, but we hit it off and they were 8 years old at the time. And it kind of just snowballed and flowed from there into our family,” Becky said.

“That meeting was way more important for me when she met the girls because if they didn’t get along or it didn’t work out, I didn’t know what I was going to do because the girls always come first,” Pete, 50, added.

Pete didn’t have to worry because the trio was great friends. In fact, Gabriella said Becky was the “missing piece” that completed their family.

Pete said that the twins voluntarily called Becky “mom.” The first time they did that, Becky called him and said she didn’t want them to call her that because she didn’t want them to feel “forced.”

Becky had told the girls they could call her whatever they wanted, but they chose “mom.”

The Ruvolo family

“We were already calling her mom because it felt so natural,” Gabriella said. “We met as friends and then she became mom and it was just, from the start, it was like love at first sight.”

Juliana stated that Becky was always there to support them and Juliana wanted to call her mother.

Becky and Pete wed in 2013 and included their sisters in their ceremony. Becky shared a special message on the big day with the twins.

Pete, who was filming the girls’ adoption proposal, said that he’s glad to have captured the touching moment on camera.

“To actually see it unfold, just filled me with such a feeling of pride, proud for my girls and for my wife. I know how happy that would make her and it really was such a special moment,” he said.

The Ruvolo family

The twins were aware that Becky would agree to adopt them, so they had already made the paperwork and organized it for their mom to sign.

They presented the documents to Becky, who excitedly told them, “Give me a pen!”

Now that their story has been made a viral TikTok clip, the Ruvolo families hopes it will inspire other families to have a closer relationship.

“It’s possible to have a true family whether it [is]You can mix it or not. And you can have this kind of love,” Pete said.

Click on the video below to see how this special Mother’s Day proposal went down.

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