TV Star Shares Heartbreaking Photo Days After Teenage Son Passes Away

May 16, 2018May 16, 2018

A tragic news story has just broken after it was revealed that the son of a Hollywood actor has taken his own life. Tycho Labrava committed suicide at the young age of only 16.

Tycho is the son of David Labrava. Labrava is most well-known for his role on Sons of Anarchy. He played Happy Lowman on the famous show.

“Never in a million tears would I think I would be posting this. This is my boy Tycho. He took his life a couple of days ago at 16 years old," Labrava wrote.

He went on to tell all his readers to take care of their family members while they still can. He also opened up about how he is feeling since receiving the news.

“He suffered from a depression we couldn't see because he was a happy young kid,” he wrote. “Communicate with your loved ones, there might not be any signs. Cherish them. I am broken.”

Now, for the first time since the story originally broke, David is releasing another photo of his boy. This time, he posted the image on Twitter. The caption above simply said "FlyHighTYCHO R.I.P" with the picture below.

Labrava also shared a link to a GoFundMe page that is raising money for "a depression and bipolar organization" in Tycho's name, as that was reportedly the teen's last wish," reported Pop Culture.

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