TV Personality Speaks Out Against ESPN Regarding ‘Uncomfortable’ Interview

October 24, 2017Oct 24, 2017

ESPN has been under fire lately in regards to the national anthem protesting by NFL players and the controversy with one of their hosts, Jemele Hill, who previously posted inappropriate comments on social media bashing President Donald Trump. On both issues, the nation is divided on the right of free speech—yes, Americans hold that right, but is it appropriate to disrespect the American flag and the President of the United States?

Following these controversial issues, ESPN was the subject of another dilemma this week. Television personality and model Jenn Sterger released a statement against the major sports network on Monday, October 23rd.

She recalled an incident that occurred years ago, “I was brought in to ESPN numerous times for meetings, and even tested for several shows. On one such occasion, I was 23 years old and had been brought to Charlotte to test. I was told by a coworker that 'everyone was going to a club' and asked if I wanted to join. Then realized upon arrival it was not a club like I was used to but instead, a strip club.”

Sterger referred to the situation as “extremely uncomfortable” and “incredibly awkward,” especially since she had never been to a strip club before. She was even teased by her male coworkers for her not wanting to participate in the lap dances.

As a result, she was “admonished” by her bosses for attending and fired shortly after. It is unclear if the other coworkers involved were terminated.

Sterger recalled another uncomfortable situation with ESPN, where she was interviewing for a position there (this happened after the strip club incident). However, the interviewing process was very odd—she was asked zero questions about her goals or anything career related. The conversations revolved around the interviewer’s hookups in the workplace, while he implied that he was helping with their careers.

Read her full statements below. WARNING: One of the statements does contain some foul language.

According to the New York Post, Sterger was responding to ESPN’s decision to cancel “Barstool Van Talk” after their controversial commentary about women. In a later tweet, Sterger clarified the reasoning and purpose for her post, which was to “address the hypocrisy.”

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