TV News Anchor Makes Headlines for His Comments About Racism

August 24, 2017Aug 24, 2017

In recent days, shocking images of racism and hatred have spread throughout America. Protests and rallies across the country resulted in violence, arrests, and even the death of a young woman.

Social media exploded with users who condemned the attacks in Charlottesville and condemned racism. Sadly, a serious discussion about the still existent racial tensions in America was once again a topic for families around the dinner table.

However, in the midst of all the darkness and hatred, one news anchor had the courage and creativity to use his platform for good. He is helping to change the world by starting right in his own community.

Will Hall is most recognizable to residents in Boise, Idaho for his nightly broadcasts of sports on KTVB. However, after the violence in Charlottesville, Will decided to shift his focus from sports to “spreading the love” in a powerful message.

It has since been shared hundreds of times on social media by people from all over. Please take a minute and watch the video below and be inspired by Will’s comments.

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