CNN Host 'Jokes' About Poisoning President Trump

September 15, 2017Sep 15, 2017

As is evident to anyone following the news, political discourse in the United States is more uncivil than it has been in decades. Liberal elites, both in the media and in Hollywood, have been relentless in attacking the President of the United States. 

Almost always their attacks are over-the-top, but sometimes their comments descent into low calls for violence. Remember, for instance, the bloody and decapitated head of President Trump so proudly held by Kathy Griffin, believed by the radical comedian to be a work of "art," who now tells us that she regrets nothing about the picture. Earlier this week, to provide another example, Robert De Niro slammed President Trump in an interview with CNN, but this was nothing compared to a comment made last year when De Niro announced that he wants to punch President Trump in the face. 

And now, joining the ranks of Kathy Griffin and her cohorts is CNN host Anthony Bourdain, who recently "joked" in an interview with TMZ that he would murder President Trump, by poisoning his food, if he had the chance to slip into the White House kitchen.


“If Trump and Kim Jong-un were going to have a bit of a summit to try and mend relations and they wanted you to cater, what would you serve?” asked a TMZ reporter according to The Hill.

Hemlock," Bourdain responded.

According to The Hill, Hemlock is defined as "a drug or lethal drink prepared from the poison hemlock." It is a drug used as an execution method. 

The comment was made last week, yet has been receiving frequent coverage from the media, especially from conservative outlets who find so-called "jokes" about murdering the President of the United States distasteful. 

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