Turn Back The Clock: Ahmed’s Family Re-Appears With HUGE Demands

November 25, 2015Nov 25, 2015

Ahmed Mohamed became famous when he took apart a clock and placed the components into a pencil case.  The “invention” was so suspicious looking that officials at the school thought it might be a bomb.


Police were called to the school and Ahmed was placed in handcuffs until the situation could be assessed and it was determined that the deconstructed clock was not a bomb. 

Pictures of Ahmed in handcuffs went viral and social justice warriors took to Facebook and Twitter to cry out that Ahmed was a victim of racial and religious profiling.  The outcry was heard by Obama who invited Ahmed to the White House.

While everyone was blowing the situation completely out of proportion, the clock was quickly shown to be hoax.  Despite the revelation that Ahmed’s invention was merely a clock that was removed from its packaging, Ahmed and his father went on a whirlwind tour around the world.

The story ended when Ahmed and his father decided that they wanted to live in Qatar where they would be able to live their lives without prejudice.  That is until recently, when the family decided to cash in on their hoax.

According to the Blaze, Ahmed and his family are demanding $15 million dollars from the city of Irving, Texas as well as the Irving School District.  Taking taxpayer’s hard earned money from the City is not all that the family is seeking.  They also demand written apologies from the Mayor and school district.

Failure to comply with the family’s demands will lead to lawsuits.   Lawyers for the family first sent the letter of demands to the Dallas Morning News.  Once it was publicized, the Mayor and school district received their copies.

The letter claims among other things that Ahmed was discriminated against because he has a Muslim sounding name and that he has suffered severe psychological damage.

Instead of applauding common sense in considering the safety of the entire school and the handling of a highly suspicious looking package, it seems the entire city and school district is now to be punished for the clock hoax.

Do you think Ahmed was discriminated against?  Do you think the city should pay?