President Trump Issues Two Presidential Pardons in the Spirit of Thanksgiving

November 20, 2018Nov 20, 2018

Every year, the White House holds a special ceremony before Thanksgiving. Two turkeys are chosen for the special annual pardoning ceremony.

On Tuesday, November 20, two turkeys participated in the turkey pardon at the Rose Garden. The turkeys, named “Peas” and “Carrots” come from South Dakota.

According to President Trump, the turkeys were born in the Presidential Flock. It was made up of 50 turkeys, but only two were chosen for the special pardoning ceremony.

Peas weighs 39 pounds while Carrots weighs 41 pounds. On Monday, the White House encouraged people to vote on which turkey would ultimately be pardoned. According to sources, one bird is pardoned to become the National Thanksgiving Turkey. The other is chosen as the alternate. Ultimately, Peas was chosen as the official turkey.

Newsweek noted that neither of the turkeys will be killed for the White House Thanksgiving dinner. Rather, following the ceremony, Peas and Carrots will be sent to Gobbler’s Rest on the campus of Virginia Tech to live the remainder of their lives.

The White House released biographies on both of this year’s highlighted turkeys. Peas reportedly enjoys listening to Brad Paisley and likes to ice fish, while Carrots enjoys listening to Elvis and likes to do yoga.

Now, they will be able to spend the remainder of their lives in peace! 

What do you think about this special holiday tradition? Let us know what you think! In other recent news, photos are flooding in of Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth after the palace's announcement.