TSA May Drastically Increase Security Measures After Failed Terrorist Attack

August 25, 2017Aug 25, 2017

On Friday morning, the Transportation Security Administration said that they are reviewing their screening procedures for both passenger and freight airlines. CNN reported that there are potential security vulnerabilities that are being looked into concerning cargo being flow into and within the United States.

The official review is being conducted in light of the failed terror attempt that took place in Australia last month. According to Australian law enforcement, a senior ISIS commander shipped partially assembled components of a bomb on a commercial plane.

Reportedly, the components were shipped on a commercial cargo plane from Turkey to Australia. There, two men would assemble the bomb parts into a functional explosive device. The terrorist’s plan was to place the device on a passenger plane on July 15.

While the components were shipped successfully, Australian authorities say that “at no stage did [a bomb] breach airline security.”

While police have not explained why the attack was unsuccessful, the two men were arrested and charged in late July with terror-related offenses.

Now, TSA is considering revamping their security measures for cargo screening. This “IKEA-style” do-it-yourself bomb assembly makes it easier for terrorists to bypass screenings.

The US official for TSA said, “Anytime you have an aviation terror plot anywhere in the world, it forces TSA to look at whether that could happen here.”

The TSA statement said, “While there is no specific or credible terrorist threat to the US, we're working closely with our partners in law enforcement and the shipping industry to ensure our nation's ports and cargo facilities are secure.”

“Intelligence is one of our best tools to protect Americans from attacks,” it continued. “Every day, with our colleagues in the intelligence community, we evaluate and reevaluate intelligence to ensure we're doing everything in our power to address all threats to transportation security."

While some airport security officials have admitted that even new safety protocols may not completely solve the threat, an effective measure of caution is being considered.

What do you think about this? Should these measures be taken? Let us know your thoughts on Facebook. In other breaking news, the Vatican is currently on high alert after being warned of a terrorist attack. Please pray for everyone’s safety.

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