TSA Just Issued A Scary New Terror Warning For America Saying ISIS May Try This Soon In The U.S.

May 05, 2017May 05, 2017

(Watch the video above for more information on this issue)

TSA has just issued a scary new warning for Americans after reports suggest ISIS may be planning new attacks on American soil.

The report comes after numerous incidents across the globe have involved the use of large trucks or vehicles to plow through crowds of people. In these attacks, many people are often killed or wounded.

Authorities are asking anyone involved in the trucking industry to be extremely cautious of who is using their trucks or potentially renting them. Police are asking the public to report any activity they think is suspicious.

In America, measures have already been taken to try and prevent some of these attacks. Giant barricades and large trucks have been set up as roadblocks in case an attacker tried to gain access to crowds at events.

However, even large SUV's and cars have been known to cause mayhem. Please share this message and remain on high alert if you find yourself in a popular place or a big crowd.

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