Hundreds of Flights Canceled After Tragic Death at Florida's Busiest Airport

February 02, 2019Feb 02, 2019

Some horrible news was reported on Saturday, February 2 out of Orlando, Florida. Sadly, a death by suicide took place at the Orlando airport.

The news was confirmed that a Transportation Security Administration officer jumped to his death at Florida’s busiest airport. He jumped from a hotel balcony inside of the airport while off duty. 

Airport officials noted that no passengers were in danger at any point. Sadly, however, the TSA officer died from the fall. He was reportedly in his 40s.

The Orlando Police Department wrote, “Our hearts are with the TSA family during this very difficult time.”

According to reports, several security checkpoints were at a halt due to the accident. That resulted in the delay or even cancelation of dozens of flights. According to reports, Alaska, Air Canada, Delta, and Southwest airlines were all affected.

The airport confirmed that Southwest Airlines alone had canceled up to 49 inbound flights and 45 outbound flights.

Senior director Carolyn Fennell wrote, “This is a peak travel time on Saturdays and two of our busiest airlines were affected, Southwest and Delta, so a couple of thousand passengers may have been affected.”

Following the fall, the TSA officer was taken to the hospital. While there, he was pronounced dead.

Please be praying for the officer's family during this horrible time. We will update if any more information is released. Share your prayers here. 

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