Try and Guess How Much the Red Carpet Cost Beneath President Trump and Kim Jong-Un's Feet

June 12, 2018Jun 12, 2018

The world waited anxiously to see what was going to happen between President Trump and the North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-Un. The famous summit was set to take place on Monday evening in Singapore.

However, a lot of people wondered if it was actually going to happen. The President had previously called off the meeting due to aggressive behavior and dialogue from North Korea, before reinstating the trip just days ago.

Well, it appears that it was a big league success, just as President Trump predicted it would be! The two leaders came together to discuss denuclearization and making some major changes in North Korea. Since the reports from the meeting, Kim Jong-Un seems to be willing to work with President Trump.

The pair greeted each other for the first time while on a beautiful red carpet, draped with the flags of their respective nations. The pair smiled for the press and took a few photos. While it was historic, some people are simply amazed by the price of the carpet!

"According to federal docs -- obtained by TMZ -- that document lodging and other expenses for the trip ... the American Embassy in Singapore is on the hook for about $162k. About $151k of that pertains to costs incurred at the Shangri-La Hotel, where the U.S. delegation, including the Prez, stayed leading up to the face-to-face. An additional $12,000 was charged to cover the carpets used for Trump's meeting with Kim at the Capella Hotel," reported TMZ.

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