Trump Warns Texans 'Be Safe' as Dire Warnings Are Released

August 25, 2017Aug 25, 2017

On Friday, President Trump sent words of caution to people who live in the path of Hurricane Harvey. He strongly urged people to heed the warnings of their local government instead of arbitrarily deciding to ride out the storm. 

"I encourage everyone in the path of #HurricaneHarvey to heed the advice & orders of their local and state officials," wrote the POTUS.

Later, he tweeted from Camp David in Maryland, where he is monitoring the storm. He once again encourage people to stay safe.

"Just arrived at Camp David where I am closely watching the path and doings of Hurricane Harvey, as it strengthens to a Category 3. BE SAFE!"

At this time, heavy rains have already reached the coast of Texas. The Category 3 hurricane is expected to make landfall late Friday or early Saturday, and the effects could be catastrophic.

"The outer bands of Harvey began to pummel the Texas coast Friday as one of the most powerful hurricanes in years moved closer to landfall and threatened to douse as much as 40 inches of rain on residents in some areas along the Gulf of Mexico," reported CNN.

The National Weather Service in Houston has a sobering prediction for those who live in South Texas. Their dire warning impacts approximately 1.5 million people.

"The combination of wind and water could leave wide swaths of South Texas "uninhabitable for weeks or months," said the service.

Governor Abbott is still intreating those who can leave to do so. Just like the Fulton, Texas, Mayor who said, "Nothing is worth your life," Abbott emphasizes that property is of little importance in an emergency.

"My top goal is to be able to make it through this storm in a way in which we lose no lives," Abbott said. "Put your life first and your property second."

At 6:04 ET, the National Weather Service tweeted that the hurricane-force winds are expected to hit the coast soon. As these dire predictions came in, the Department of Health and Human services announced that they've deployed assets to both Texas and Louisiana to provide health care to those stranded in the path of the storm.

UPDATE: as of 7PM ET, the hurricane has been upgraded to a Category 4 hurricane. Winds are up to 130MPH, and they are expecting "widespread destructive winds of 115 to 145 mph will produce swaths of tornado-like damage," reports CNN. 

This is a developing story. We'll keep you updated on the progress of the storm. In the meantime, don't miss our latest story: Franklin Graham Sends Out Urgent Prayer Request.

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