Trump's New VA Secretary Picks Very Special Bible to Be Sworn in on, President is Thrilled

August 02, 2018Aug 02, 2018

President Trump has done an amazing job at keeping his promise to make America great again. He has already done so much good for the country and is working hard every day to make sure we stay on the right track.

However, it isn't only the President who is making great improvements to our nation. He is surrounded by a terrific group of leaders who are helping to accomplish the goals the American people want.

Now, President Trump has another person on his team. He has just sworn in the new VA secretary. It was an awesome moment!

"Robert Wilkie is the proud son of an Army veteran, an artillery officer raised on the base at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. That’s a great place. On his daily walk to high school with the woman who is now his wife, he passed by the Fayetteville VA hospital, which bore the inscription: 'The Price of Freedom is Visible Here.' It made a big impact. It was a price Robert saw firsthand through his own father, who was gravely injured in combat during the Vietnam War," said Trump, while speaking about Wilkie.

However, what was most awesome about the swearing-in ceremony was the Bible that Wilkie chose. It has an amazing story and really speaks to the kind of man he is.

“The Bible that I will take my oath on reminds me of the 100th anniversary of the end of the war to end all wars,” Wilkie said, referring to WW1, “It was a Bible taken into battle by my wife’s grandfather who had probably never ventured beyond three or four counties in North and South Carolina. But by the time he was 18, he was marching up the Champs-Élysées into the cauldron of the Meuse-Argonne," he said.

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