President Trump Showcases New Upgrade Feature for Border Wall, Illegals Stunned at 'Brutally Efficient' Addition

November 21, 2018Nov 21, 2018

President Trump campaigned heavily on the promise of building a stronger wall at the southern border of the United States. Many people decided to support Trump in his quest for the White House based upon his strong stance on border security.

Now, President Trump is doing his best to keep his promise. With immigration still a key political topic, President Trump is making some much needed improvements to the southern border.

Recent photos depicted illegal immigrants scaling the border wall. Now, a new photo has just been released that shows the Trump Administration is taking note of their past illegal behavior. They are also taking action to prevent it in the future!

"Unfortunately for those migrants threatening to illegally enter the U.S. that way — as well as the liberal 'journalists' who defended and dismissed the threat — Trump’s administration was keeping a watchful eye on the developments and took action shortly thereafter to mitigate that potential threat of a mass of migrants climbing over the border fence," reported Western Journal.

"The Fake News is showing old footage of people climbing over our Ocean Area Fence. This is what it really looks like - no climbers anymore under our Administration!"

The added upgrade to the wall will prove extremely difficult for anyone trying to climb over. It will definitely deter people from even attempting to scale the fence.

While President Trump continues to take a "no nonsense" approach to illegal immigration, he is still a huge advocate for people to come to America legally. The liberal media has tried their best to paint him as a racist. However, President Trump has always advocated for legal immigration in an effort to keep American citizens safe.

"The Washington Times reported on Nov. 14 that the Department of Homeland Security began to deploy the concertina wire along the border fence mere hours after the initial demonstration of migrants climbing to the top of the border fence," reported Western Journal.

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