Trump Supporter Wears 'Make America Great Again' Hat To BLM Rally To Test Free Speech

September 29, 2016Sep 29, 2016

Donald Trump supporter Feras Jabro decided to wear a "Make America Great Again" hat to a rally for the shooting death of Alfred Olango to see if the protesters would honor his First Amendment right to free speech.

Police shot Olango in El Cajon, California on Tuesday after he refused to comply with their orders and drew an object out of his pocket, holding it in both hands with it pointed at police as took he what appeared to be an aggressive shooting stance. Police later revealed that the object was a silver vape pipe that Olango pointed at an officer like a gun, according to the Los Angeles Times. Friends of Olango claim he was mentally ill, but his mother said he was mentally fit but emotional distraught over the death of a close friend, according to NBC 7 San Diego.

A protest has been going on for the last few days in the business complex were Olango was killed. Not surprisingly, a short while after Jabro joined the rally yesterday, he was confronted by protesters calling him disrespectful and offensive for wearing a Trump hat. Just minutes later, the protesters became violent, hitting, kicking, and shoving Jabro as he tried to run away from the surging mob.

In footage of the entire incident, a few of the protesters appeared to make half-hearted attempts to protect Jabro, but it was not until a police helicopter spotted the riot and numerous squad cars arrived that he was rescued. In Jabro's own smartphone camera footage of the entire incident, he can be seen telling police and reporters that he didn't expect any trouble from wearing his Trump hat, but earlier footage showed him talking to reporters ahead of time and telling them he expected to get beat up and wanted to show the internet that Black Lives Matter does not respect free speech.

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Here's a clip from the attack (Warning: You may want to watch it on mute due to abundant profanity):