President Trump Makes Major Announcement About Border Wall

January 07, 2019Jan 07, 2019

President Trump campaigned heavily on his promise to help secure the nation by building a massive wall along America's southern border. Many supporters agreed with the President and feel the wall is a necessary component of immigration control.

Since taking office, Trump has met resistance every step of the way from Democrats who oppose his wall. Now, the President is taking matters into his own hands and has just made a big league announcement about the situation.

"The White House on Sunday officially asked Congress for $5.7 billion to build a 'steel barrier,' confirming that President Donald Trump was backing down from his call for a concrete wall along the U.S.-Mexico border," reported Politico.

The President has also mentioned the idea of creating a national emergency to free up funds to use for the construction of the wall without having to get Congressional approval. He is expected to address the nation on Tuesday evening and many people think it will be concerning that strategic move if Democrats fail to accept his steel barrier idea.

“I may decide a national emergency depending on what happens over the next few days,” Trump told reporters as he exited the White House en route to Camp David, according to a pool report. "We have to build the wall or we have to build the barrier. The barrier or the wall can be of steel instead of concrete if that works better,” the president said.

The government has now been shut down for weeks thanks to the border wall issue. The President has exhausted all options to get the funding needed for securing the border. There is sure to be breaking news tomorrow if the President decides to play the ultimate "trump card" and declare a national emergency.

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