Trump Slams Hillary After Newest Clinton Foundation Findings, Compares Her To...

August 24, 2016Aug 24, 2016

After a stunning Associated Press report revealed that over half of the non-governmental people Hillary Clinton met during her time as Secretary of State ended up donating massive amounts of money to her Clinton Foundation charity, Donald Trump is among many people crying "corruption!"

According to the UK Daily Mail, Trump blasted his rival, saying, "It is a total embarrassment if our secretary of state can be bought or bribed or sold."

He even subtly compared Hillary to a corrupt dictator, saying, "It's a disgrace, this is a threat to the foundation of democracy. This is what happens in Third World countries."

Trump added, "Hillary Clinton is totally unfit to hold public office. It is impossible to figure out where the Clinton Foundation ends and the State Department begins. It is now abundantly clear that the Clintons set up a business to profit from public office; they sold access."

In its investigative report, the Associated Press concluded, "The meetings between the Democratic presidential nominee and foundation donors do not appear to violate legal agreements Clinton and former president Bill Clinton signed before she joined the State Department in 2009. But the frequency of the overlaps shows the intermingling of access and donations, and fuels perceptions that giving the foundation money was a price of admission for face time with Clinton."