Pres. Trump Signs Executive Order to Save You Money

October 12, 2017Oct 12, 2017

On Friday, President Trump signed an executive order that he says we’ll save Americans money. The order allows people to purchase health care across state lines, which is intended to make plans that have lower premiums available more widely.

“The White House views this as an action that will ‘increase the healthcare choices for millions of Americans, potentially allowing some employers to join together across State lines to offer coverage,’” explained CBS News.

President Trump made the decision to sign an executive order after a summer of failed health care bills in Congress. He apparently worked on the order with Republican Senator Rand Paul.

In a tweet on October 10th, Paul said he’d been working with President Trump on the plan for months. He said it would be a “great plan & a big deal for millions of Americans.”

Before President Trump signed the executive order on Friday, he said that he would work with Congress to repeal "once and for all." This action is a limited action targeted at deregulating the insurance market.

Before signing the order, President Trump explained his dedication to getting rid of Obamacare. He made a sweeping statement about the impact of Obamacare on the American economy.

"The cost of the Obamacare has been so outrageous, it is absolutely destroying everything in its wake,” said President Trump.

The executive order, he added, will cost the government nothing. For nothing, it will have insurance companies “fighting” for customers.

"You'll get such low prices for such great care," he added.

President Trump also took the opportunity to talk about his tax cuts. He said his plan “will net an average of $4000 more per average family.”

“The whole country is looking for these massive tax cuts,” he said.

President Trump almost didn’t sign the order. After he made his remarks, he began to walk out of the room, reported CBS. Luckily, Vice President Mike Pence tapped the president on the shoulder, reminding him to sign the order. President Trump then returned to the table to sign the order.

What’s the impact on Obamacare?

Fox News spoke to experts to see how the plan will impact Obamacare. They wrote that it is likely to be opposed by a coalition of medial groups and insurers who have already advocated against repeal and replace.

“Critics have argued that the plan will ultimately raise costs for the sick while the lower-premium coverage provided to healthy people would come with significant gaps,” wrote Fox.

Cori Uccello, a senior health fellow at the American Academy of Actuaries, explained why to Fox News, “There’s uncertainty of who is going to have oversight in terms of consumer protection. What redress does a consumer have, appeals processes, those kinds of things.”

“If a goal is to provide protections for people with preexisting conditions, this is a step in the wrong direction,” Uccello added.

Larry Levitt, of the nonprofit Kaiser Family Foundation, expressed his concerns in a series of tweets. He argued that the executive order could “severely destabilize the individual and small business insurance markets.”

"How far this executive order really goes and how much it’s able to undermine the [Affordable Care Act] depends a lot on details that will be in regulations to come," Levitt told Fox News. "The intent of the executive order is clearly to deregulate the insurance market, but it’s unclear yet how successful it will be."

What happens next?

Fox News explained that there won’t be a difference in the insurance market immediately. The plan will have to go through “The arduous agency of rule-making.” That could take months, which means there probably won’t be an impact until 2018.

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